2012 TAG Fall Cave-In

Went to the TAG Fall Cave-In last week and had an amazing time. 100’+ drops everyday, awesome old friends, super cool new friends. Even though my TAG daddy is a bit upset with me now (sorry, inside story) the long weekend was well worth the drive. I was a bit wishy washy about going considering the drive, and the lack of plans, but those I cave with down there have got it together. I came back from the trip refreshed and super jazzed about caving again. Arriving home from the trip at 2am early Monday morning didn’t make working that day so cool, but the trip was totally worth it. 

Considering I’ll have a real exploration trip to write up next week after running the next Cold Sink survey, I’m going to keep my text to a minimum. If you want more details, come to the next grotto meeting. 🙂
Russels cave. Fun wet multidrop cave.
Bolts are foolishly placed  so we diverted the water on this drop.
Tabbatha Cavendish frogging out of the bottom of Lost Canyon Cave
Alan Grosse in some large popcorn.
Did anyone sleep last night?
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