Annual Grotto Trip on July 22-23, 2006

Date: 07/21-23/2006
Cavers: 16
Caves: Greensville Saltpeter(Saturday), Rehoboth Church (Sunday)
Camp: Moncove Lake State Park, near Union, WV
Raining Friday night, but weather cooperate well in the next two days. We spend about 5 hours underground the first day. Diana led a photo group. They had a few of nice shots. The other two groups are led by Matt and Ken. They explore various sites such as a few of entrances, the saltpeter maze, the formation factory, the haystack, and the watch tower in this cave.

Saturday dinner is organized by Brian. Hot dogs, corns and marshmallow are hot of the fire and the grill. Unfortunately there is no salad in the menu so a group has to drive to Union for it.

On Sunday, 7 cavers went underground for about 4 hours. It is more rocky than the previous cave. It has smaller passages with less walking opportunities. There are some climbings, but are easy ones. There are more formations than the first cave. The team explores two big rooms including the Main room. Due to hungry stomach, the rest(most) of the cave is left for later.