(Dues-paying) Grotto members:

On August 25 we will visit a cave in Lee County, VA. We will have an affordable nearby campground reserved for the nights of August 24 and 25. Some brief details about the cave follow. Please complete the signup survey linked below [Removed].

This will be a horizontal trip; no vertical gear needed. I always recommend knee pads. There are some long, low crawls, but they can be bypassed. Much of the cave offers walking passage. How wet you get will depend on recent rainfall and whether you reach the stream passage. Wetsuits aren’t needed, but you will appreciate waterproof boots.

This cave is appropriate for all skill levels. Attractions include waterfalls, gypsum, salamanders, weird formations, mountains of breakdown.

If you want to go on this trip and you haven’t already signed up, please send me an email (chair@tritrogs.org).



[I’m posting Kim’s email here as requested at the last meeting. Also, feel free to bring along friends who might be interested in buying items on the gear list. We’ll save the business and trip reports for after the sale to accommodate noncavers who’d rather not sit through the boring stuff. – Emily]


Remember that headlamp that you used to use before you got your new one? Have you stopped camping but still have a tent taking up space in the back of the closet? Are you looking to acquire something new?

Join us at the April TriTrogs meeting, where our program for the night we be a Gear Swap!

Any items that can be classified as ‘Outdoor Gear’ are welcome. Since it will take place at the museum, please use your best judgment when deciding what to bring in and what to leave in your car. If it’s large, a picture will work.

When you know what you are bringing, add it to the Gear List so that people have an idea of what will be available! Items can be swapped, sold, or given away.

April 24, 2018
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

See you there, with gear in tow.
– Kim

Chair: Mark Daughtridge

Vice Chair: Ken Walsh

Webmaster: Carlin Kartchner

Secretary: Emily Graham

Treasurer: Martin Groenewegen

Ken hosted our first Officers Meeting of the year and provided, among other things, wine and chocolate. So, keep that in mind, those of you who might consider running in 2018!




The 2016 officers have been elected. The Contact Us page on the website has been updated accordingly if you need to reach out to the officers this year.

Chair: Ken Walsh
Vice Chair: Robert Harris
Webmaster: Carlin Kartchner
Secretary: Emily Graham
Treasurer: Joel Johnson