Intros and In Attendance

Ken Walsh – Wandering in Caves
Dianne Geitl – Fun , Cold VARs
Mike Broome – Exploring Copenhavers Cave, Anchoring off of Ken
Lisa Lorinzen – Tritrog Christmas Carols
Peter – Presenting presentations
Axel – Grotto Trip and Darwin Day
Michael McBride – Drunken tour of Smyth County with Emily
Julie Fairbanks – Cold water in Anderson Springs Cave
Zeke – Flamingo Race
Kim Parks – Police situation after accidental trespassing
Carlin – Social Tuesdays -> Disc Golf
Elise – Tours of Hancock
Emily Graham – Caving…just caving


— Thanks to those who participated on Darwin Day (Axel, Elise, Ken, Emily, Taylor, Peter)

— Overview of Hancock Cave Trail Progress by Michael McBride

— Charitable Donation Ideas = WNS Research, Museum

–Webmaster Update from Carlin = Slight Adjustments

— No meeting for December

— Holiday Party 12/8/19 5 PM

— January Meeting = Elections

Trip Reports

— Carlin – Trip Report on Tritrog Site for Stone’s #2.

— Michael, Carlin, Ken — Big Sink Survey. Lots of scat due to winter conditions. Found the sump and finished surveying that section of map.

— Michael – Trout, New Trout, Hamilton with Charity

— BCCS Project weekend with Lisa and Mike – Surface work due to specific constraints.

Upcoming trips:

12/8/19 – Holiday Party

1/18/20 – BCCS Work Day

1/18/20 – MLK Weekend

July 27-31/20 NSS Convention

Special Presentation:

Kim Park’s Presenting Tritrog of the year award due to inability to attend Christmas Party. Michael McBride chosen.

Ken Walsh, Emily Graham, Mike Broome, Mark Daughtridge, Michael McBride are the current lineage of chosen Grotto Members.

Ken Walsh Presentation on:

What have the Tritrogs done over the past 30 years; where are we going?

Conservation Trips


Conventions and OTR Contests

Annual Grotto Trip

Survey Trips (30-40 in Smyth County)

Cave Acquisitions (Hancock)

Photography Trips

Scout Trips

Local Events

Anniversary/Holiday Party

Vertical Practices

Halloween party

Social Tuesdays

Game Nights

Ranking Debutantes




Yard Sales


Gear Swaps

Donations to:

WNS Research


Cave Conservation


Land Owner Legal Protection Fund

Outreach and Publication

Darwin Day/ Bugfest

Elementary Schools

Scout troops

Climbing Gyms

News and Observer


Online Trip Reports

Online Calendar



Suggestions for the upcoming year:

Social Tuesday/Game Nights -à Formation of Social Chair

Vertical Practices

Gear Swap

Annual Grotto Trip (Possible Bi-annually) , Pot Luckà With alternate activities

More outreach (Schools, Libraries, etc)

Beginner Trips – beginner talks during meetings

Caving Topic talks in Caves

Logo’d items (Stickers, Jerseys…..)

New Logo, Logo Contest, Grotto Trip T-shirts

In cave contests, scavenger hunt, solo survey game, rally

Gear Lists

Webpage Resources

Food at meetings

Members List (email/phone/contact)

Incentives to Write Trip Reports, Beginner Trips, Etc

Playbook for organization of Grotto Trip – Lisa L volunteers to do a grotto meeting on subject

Introductions and In Attendance (What are your favorite cave formations)

Mike Broome – Anastomosis
Emily – Scallops
Elise – Shields
Carlin – Styalites
Ken – Snottite
Michael McB – Cannon tubes/balls
Monica – None as of yet
Chase – Gypsum Beards
Kim – Rimstone Dams
Brendan – None as of yet
Peter – Stream Passages
Mark – Helectites
Beka – Angel Wings

Presentation – Ken Walsh: Hancock Cave Acquisition

— 1894 – Buccanans signatures
— 1950s -UNC student burned signature
— 1980 – First presented
— 1995 – Tritrogs mapping effort started in Hancock – Charles Grantham Owner
    1995 bought out, did not want anyone in cave
— 2003 – Auctioned – bought by land speculator
— 2005 – Dave Harrington bought land, wanted to go caving with Grandson (Drew)
— 2006 – Allowed survey and visitation
— 2008 – Finished Survey (2.53 miles)
— 2008-2009 – Clean Up effort of back entrance (Peacock Entrance)
— 2009 – White Nose discovered in May (furthest south at that time) Closed to caver at this time.
— 2010 – Allowed to have 2 bat survey trips
— 2014 – Tax write off donation to West Virginia Cave Conservancy
— 2017 – Graffiti clean ups cleaned

Old Business:

— Conservation Project: Possible Hancock Trail

New Business:

— Scout troop talk – Oct 21st/28th. Looking for someone to talk to them. Poss. Mark D. to do.

— Darwin Day 11/9 if anyone wants to help out the museum

— Grotto Donation?

— Holiday Party (30th anniversary) – Dianne Getl possibly volunteering her home.

Upcoming Events:

9/27-29 Fall VAR
10/5-6 Hancock Cave Trips for the National Cave and Karst Management Symposium
10/10-13 TAG Fall Cave In
10/19-20 Bridge Day Rappel
11/2-3 BCCS Project Weekend
11/9 Darwin Day

Trip Reports:

None ☹

—–Introductions (and favorite Lies given about caving)

Mike Broome – “Not much crawling”

Lisa Lorinzen – “This is the trip where we’ll extend the cave”

Ken Walsh – “I’ll be right back”

Michael McBride – “It’ll be fun”

Kim Parks – “The entrance is right over there”

Diane – “This is my first cave”


Rachel Saker – “You won’t get wet”

Vardel  “We’ll be out my midnight”

Carlin –

Zeke –

Mark Dewitt – “Cave Flooding in Worleys”

Julie Fairbank – “Beginner Cave”

Janelle Lovelace – “Family Lost in Caves (Trout Cave)”

Mike Vlah – “There will be cave salamanders”


Emily Graham – “There are cave slugs”



   — Conservation trip suggestions – taking suggestion, poss. Hancock cave restoration of trail,

  — Carlin updated website – NCRC link

    — Membership dues

   — Bugfest –

    — Darwin Day – theme: Botany (Nov 9th)

   — North Raleigh Scout Trip  (Oct 21st or 28th)

  — Out Chair is stepping down. We’ll not have another election, but do request help.

Trip Reports

  — Grotto Trip  — Carlin with his kids (Boxwer Crystal, Dead Air), Small kids, didn’t like small spaces, but encouraged to go in. Cried the entire time. Smaller group, less light may have effected kids.

                          — Mike B. – Took Carlin’s kid (4 year old) down to the bottom/big room, liked
                               big room/breakdown

                           — Mark (w/lee olson and Peter and Axle). Boxwork Crystla, Dead Air, Duttons

                           — Diane impressed with large room in Dead Air

  Sunday of grotto trip – 5 members including Mike B went to Big Sink (lots of Scat), lots of wild flowers and Butterflies on approach. Surveyed with Ken, Lisa, Emily and Diane.Crash course in sketching. Canyon passages, running water. 4 hours of surveying; much left to survey.

  Emily – survey other spots near smelly area. Small passage/crawl surveys…bad for Ken.

Mike V – 7 people to New River Cave – Winterforest room with Flowstone . Other groups from VT.  Muddy hallways. Calcite layers showing water levels. Breakdown room, Planetarium, saw 3 Bats (Tricolor).

Perkins – Rachel and Carlin – Survey: Camp trip, small comfortable site near flowing water. 48 hours underground. 1500 ft added. Mice noted. Blowing, lots of subsurface formations.

Presentation – Mike and Lisa “Fantastic leads”

— Inspired by Ken! Mike and Lisa started in Grand Caverns. Resurvey to a small hole off tourist trail. Not much digging at that time. By pushing that specific lead – ¾ miles known cave to 3 miles since 2006.

— The Dream. Small hole exploration leads to large areas of Cave.

— Reality: Lots of digging, little new cave.

— Observation: Searching for new area : Sinks. Removing debris: trolleys, bucket slides.

— Faith: excavation due to geologic hypethosizing (Blowing air, geological evidence,

— Speleo-Engeneering: Moving mud/rock.

–Intros and in Attendance

Mike Broome

Ken Walsh


Michael McBride       


Emily  Graham

Rachel Saker




Mark Daughtridge

Lisa Lorenzin

–Geology 101/ Terminology

  Presentation by Ken Walsh

Basic Caving Terms

  1. Fault – Plane where rocks have broken apart and slid against each other. Often what starts the formation of a cave. Multiple types.
  2. Syncline – Forms “V”, water crosses over
  3. Anticline- Forms upside down “V”, water crosses under
  4. Dip- Steepest angle on declination
  5. Strike- Direction at which dip exists

–Trip Reports

Ken went to Blue Springs during convention. New entrance created by landowner with automated gate.

Camps Gulf with Emily. Group of about 6. One person forgot their shoes. Many had no knee pads. Lots of breakdowns, large rooms (x4). Difficult to navigate. Connected to another group and went along with them

Camps Gulf with Mark. Went through all 4 large rooms into borehole. Visited 2 large, swimmable pools.

Overall Cave with Mark as well. Large passage, lots of decorations and pools.

Mark also did a beginner group into Paxton. Got lost in the maze, but still had fun.

Peter won a raffle at the NSS – 3 days/2 nights led cave trips.

Next month presentation on cave digging with Mike and Lisa. Likely to have interactive component.

In attendance: (What was the first cave you visited?)

Dan laPasha =Trout Cave WV, 60
Emily Graham = Cave when she was a fetus, 1976

Hunter Williams Glenwood Caverns
Michael Mcbride Pettyjohns

Diane Gietl  = California 1985

Julie Fairbanks  = Pennsylvania

Elise Sanderson = Karchner Caverns

Peter Hertle = Penn, Limekill?

Michael Broome = Lurray Caverns, VA  (late 70s), Wild, see below
Lisa Lorenzin = Glenwood Caverns 2004, Colorado
Carlin K = Onyx Cave, 1990s
Vardell Smyth = Bone Norman, WV 1980s
Vardell’s wife, Joan = Lava Tube, Mt Humphries 1980s
Kim Parks = Paxtons Cave
Eric Williams = Missouri, Hannendaggen Caverns
Ken Walsh = Lower Nestles (WV 1983)

Mark Daughtridge = Linville Caverns/New River Cave

Bryan Aneska Fall1997

Dave Brenson = Carlsbad as a kid

Rachel Saker = Natural Bridge/TX, Government Canyon TX

Trip Reports

Michaels Beginner Trip

Diane = Hancock Girlscout Trip – Emily, Lisa, Mike, Vardell, Kim, 7 girlscout, and 1 boy from Pakistan. 3 groups, most of the cave. Diane did go through the Comic Book Hole. One girl got boot stuck for 20 minutes. Emily subsequently stuck. Vardell saved the day with the assistance of 2 girlscouts.

Lisa – Memorial Day Weekend with Mike at Butler Cave. Explored small lead that water flows through. Water not flowing now, Lisa squeezed through, but it was sumped.  Will return when even less water.

Kim – Short cave, couple hundred feet (Ken, Emily, Kim). Little Hancock. 7 or 8 salamanders. Explored Peacock entrance, a subsidence, a little digging.

Carlin – Texas Work trip to Unnamed Cave with ridgewalking and visits to springs. Longhorn Caverns State Park

Eric – New River Cave during VAR, 2 groups, 7 in one, 9 or so in the other. Shared lights due to lack of lights. Lost while heading to big waterfall. Turned back.

Carlin – VAR, kids and wife at Tawny’s Cave.

Mike – VAR, went to Bat Ranch with Carlin’s family. Visited Smoke Hole (wet cave), hard to find entrance. Hour of searching but eventually found. Waist deep water that was flowing.

Explored until out time. Cave/Slimy Salamander. Also found a pair of jeans.

Hunter – Andy, Gilbert and others (10, but ended up with 14) went to Tawny’s during VAR. Ill member waited just in entrance. Wet but not horrid. Went to sink.

Elyse – Perkins during VAR. Stayed in area with strings. Marine who was with them had a panic attic. Assisted others who were stressed.

Mark – 50 caves, man made. In india. Buddhist/hindu monks. One had Reclining Buddha. Tons of bats. Elllora, Ajnta caves.

Rachel, Bryan Sadusky hollow, Newberry Banes. Small entrance. Vertical cave with Pits. Wet. Moved some rocks for ease of travel. Bryan unable to go through one pinch.

Carlin – Last Weekend at Perkins: Camping trip, not enough people. Multiday trip instead. Long trip Sat, Short, Sunday. 4 people (including Andy Chang). Slow going in back section of cave. Resurvey, no new cave. Room 222 (named after old TV show from the 70s). Walking passage with fossils, washed clean from occasional water. Stream portion. Found new area, as well as area for camping.

Mike B – Trip to Butler work weekend. Took caver on first cave trip. There with father. British cavers. 22 months and 1 day old. Cool pictures with light under shirt (C is for cave).

Michael – Devil’s Den/ Blue Grotto – Dive trip with friends

Emily – Joined Sunday cave trip in Perkin’s (5 total). Objective for survey to locate and see if ken fit. Ken did not fit. Looking for signatures/graffiti nearer to entrance. Cleaned.

Upcoming Trips and activities

See pic on phone

Meeting Program:

Presentation by Rachel reset for next month due to number of trip reports.

Other Discussion and Previous Business:

Spray paint and sacrifice caves (Michael, Mike, Ken, Bryan, Rachel)

6 people came to a vertical practice at Mike/Lisa’s house. Possible repeat.

Next month = Kim will speak on vaccination for White Nose

Introductions and In attendance:

Ken Walsh

Mike Broome

Lisa Lorenzin

Rachel Saker

Emily Graham

Michael McBride

Julie Fairbank

Kim Parks

Carlin K


Mark Daugtridge

Zeke Van Fossen

Eric Williams

Giana Pitman

Christy Kim

Jessica Kelly

Mark Doyle


Upcoming Trips and Activities:

July 5th-7th: Beginner’s Vertical Caving Trip, Pigeon Mt. Georgia. See Michael McBride for more info
July 12th-14th: WVACS
July 19th-21st: Caving in WV, see Rachel Saker for Info
July 26th-28th: Perkins Cave Survery trip: See Carlin for more info
Aug 4th: Beginners trip to New River Cave
August 10th: Grotto Trip!
August 31st: OTR
Sept 27-29: Fall VAR
Oct. 5th-7th: Hancock Cave for Karst management symposium
Oct. 10-13th: TAG Fall Cave

Kim Park’s Presentation on White Nose Syndrome:

Kim shared an amazing presentation than included:

–“White-nose Syndrome”: Proposed methods to combat infection

–A review of WNS historically and currently

–UV Light Treatment for selective treatment

–Bat Box Thermoregulation

— Chemical Controls (Cold Press Valencia Orange Oil, Pseudomona fluorescens, Rhodococcus rhodocochrous)

— Feasibility of Treatments

–Immune Activation against WNS during hibernation and Possibility of Vaccination against P. Destructans

The TriTrogs Thirtieth Anniversary will be celebrated on Sunday, December 8.

We had introductions as Michael McB. led the meeting. Against his better judgment, he asked everyone to share their names and favorite rides at the State Fair. We didn’t realize how skittish TriTrogs could be about “danger”: Michael McB. (big swing), Mark D. (Howling Cow Ice Cream ride), Elise S. (Gravitron), Hunter W. (Amtrak train), Brendan (anything accident-free), Carlin (afraid of rides so he picked the tractors), Zeke (well-attached rides), Mike B. (Tunnel of Love or the most tightly bolted ride), Diana (Ferris wheel), Ken (pirate ship), and Pete (anything that drunken carnies may have assembled).

Mike B. reminded everyone at the meeting that they could pay their dues to him directly or through PayPal.

A few upcoming trips and events were listed for people to add to their calendars:

10/26: possible survey trip to Big Sink Cave (trip cancelled later)

11/2-3: Butler Cave Conservation Society project weekend (Mike B.)

11/9: Darwin Day (Emily G. is the contact for the TriTrogs display about bats as pollinators)

11/16: Survey trip to Big Sink Cave (Ken W.)

12/8 (5 PM): 30th Anniversary celebration for the TriTrogs

Feb.: Fricks Cave visit with the Southeastern Cave Conservancy

Michael McB. described the progress on the trail plans for Hancock Cave. He mapped the hillside and has a tentative promise of assistance from his corporate team. He’ll prepare plans that the WVCC will be able to review.

He encouraged TriTrogs to let officers know about other possible conservation projects. Michael McB. has not yet checked into the possibility of a carpet donation.

Michael asked if Mark D. had contacted the scout group that wanted to have a speaker before their cave trip.

Diana G. plans to host the TriTrogs’ Thirtieth Anniversary celebration at her home in North Durham on Sunday, December 8 at 5 PM. Everyone mark you’re calendars NOW. Hopefully Michael McB. will be able tofu his travel plans and make it to the party.

Carlin introduced discussion about the status of the Facebook page. The group agreed that it should be open and that the approved members are the only people who may post. We should strive to “paint the right picture” of cavers on open social media and not support negative images of cavers.

The NSS is asking individual members to sponsor artwork in the NSS building. The NSS has been averaging sixty new members a month, definitely an uptick in membership.

Then members shared their trip reports. Hunter W. led off by discussing his through trip in Bone Norman Cave. The trip report was unusual because Hunter was peppered with questions from all directions about the trip. He definitely plans to go back to try some cave photography in Normans. 

After the trip Hunter W. returned to the Fall VAR for dinner in the field and then a presentation and party inside the Snedegars Saltpeter Entrance of Friars Hole Cave

Emily and Michael McB. wanted to use a puppet show that would have highlighted their adventure with a local spelunker named Dave. Dave led them 5.1 miles from Hancock Cave, down a steep hillside, through brambles and past a safe. Eventually they ended up at Atwells Tunnel Cave, where they observed salamanders, frogs, crayfish, and a Dave too scared to enter the enormous cave mouth.

Michael McB., Mark L., and Ken W. had limited success surveying Big Sink Cave. After a morning of trail design, Ken took them driving unnecessarily along many miles of gravel road. Even though it hadn’t rained in a week, they surveyed down the cascading stream passage but got cold in relatively short time from some splashing. They left the lead with going passage because they were getting cold. Kite string still littered the passage they explored, and Ken would appreciate the return of the glove that the stream carried off.

Elise S. described the trip Emily G., Kim P., Peter H., Rodney T., and she took beyond the Funnel Tunnel in Hancock Cave. She had fun with the river rock against her rib cage as Emily dug out the back side of the Funnel Tunnel to let the five escape. The back side introduced them to a whole new cave where animals had scurried up into the inaccessible points. She described seeing tons of fossils on both sides of the Funnel Tunnel. Emily added that she had never traversed the Breakdown Staircase so many times in one weekend, and Michael McB. had never climbed in and out of the entrance so many times in one day (the following day when TriTrogs led field trips for the National Cave and Karst Management Symposium).

Peter H. and Mike B. described a cold morning at Bridge Day 2019, a bridge assembled by the finest carnies.

Michael McB. described his cave adventures at the TAG Fall Cave In, a campout with 1126 of his friends. His group moved rapidly through Hurricane Cave, spending just three hours traveling between the entrances. It was mostly walking passage and quite photogenic. Charity and he also spent a day exploring Ellison’s Cave from the warmup area back to the historic entrance, a trip that few people make in modern times. It was 1.8 miles of walking passage with 28 bats, lots of fossils, a view o petrified wood, and several side passages that eventually pinch out. He also discovered that his squeezebox limit is ten-and-a-half inches when he’s wearing a llama costume.

After a break, Mike B. shared a fascinating presentation and discussion about how cavers have used induced air flow to detect connections between cave entrances (with slides shared by Phil Lucas).



In attendance:

Rachel Saker
Mike Broome
Hunter Williams
Emily Graham
Julie Fairbanks
Michael McBride
Eric Williams
Kim Parks
Zeke Van fossen
Elise Sanderson

Trip Reports

Elise – Grand Caverns: Group of 6 cavers with divided jobs. Carried 8x8s for
steps, broke gravel up off of flow stone, layed telephone wires, a
assisted with general cleaning of cave.
            Madison Saltpeter Cave – Saw historic signatures, Calcite Rafts
(growing), and Cave specific Isopods

  Rachel – British Expedition with Rachel near Cookesville (Mountain Eye),
                 Blue Spring (TN), a “super dry cave” but currently has lots of

Upcoming Trips and Activities

Call for help for VAR/ Trip L

– VAR 4/25-28

– SERA 5/2-3

-Shovel Eater, Hell Hole WV May 17th

   – Beginner TAG Trip  May 24th-27th

   – Work weekend BCCS 25th-26th

   – Poss Vert Practice locally?

Meeting Program:

Movie on Crystal Cave

Other Discussion and Previous Business:

Mike – Please pay your dues

Emily – Dave Jackson: Cave Sim will be at the convention. Possible sponsorship oppurtunities. Vote by email/list serv?


In attendance, and announcing thier favorite cave pack:

Rachel Saker: Her Current Pack
Martin- Surplus bag, On Rope One Pack
Mike Broome– Tech conference give away, Lost Creek, AV
Hunter Williams- Earth Pack from Amazon
Emily Graham – GGG possibly?
Julie Fairbanks – Shopping for One
Michael McBride – Anything but Swaygo
Eric Williams– Kiddo’s Pack with Bat Unicorn, On Rope One Pack
Vardell Smyth- Military Surplus/ Hello Kitty
Kim Parks – Pack Rat from her Husband
Diane Gietl – Petzl
Howard – Swago
Lisa Lorenzin– Lost Creek
Ken Walsh- Swaygo
Carlin Kartchner- Landjoff
Peter – Lost Creek
Mark Daughtridge– Pacaderm

Trip Reports

Vardell, Julie, Hunter, Michael, as well as 3 others visited
Hancock Cave in Virginia. The conditions were moderate.
Multiple bats were noted.

Mike/Lisa – Pancake Weekend at BCSS, Surface Digging Mostly (first day),
Butler Cave later in the weekend.

Lost World Cave was also visited by Mike and Lisa this past weekend.

Andy, Kim, Mark visited Low Moor Cave with a group.

Rachel and Janet from Flittermouse visited Bone Norman Cave. Rachel’s Mexico trip had “no real caving” due to weather issues.

Upcoming Trips and Activities

Call for help for VAR/ Trip Leaders

Call for Renting Cabin for VAR: Lisa to spearhead!

Call from Ken for help Surveying Big Sink 4/13/19

Call from Lisa/Mike for Work Weekend help at Butler Cave (4/20, Memorial Day Weekend, One in June)

Call from Carlin for Perkins Survey Trip on 4/13/19

Michael McBride Provided a presentation/discussion on selecting and packing a cave pack

  • Multiple types and brands of bags, cannisters and boxes were displpayed, with discussion following the themes of packing and selecting with regards to durabilty, size/space constraints, cost and personal preference.

Other Discussion and Previous Business:

Pay your dues please – Paypal or cash, check to Mike Broome

Previous Business – OCR  Scholarship

Anti Harassment Policy

Ken = Conservation Trip? Poss. Trip for fall/autumn


In attendance: Rachel Saker, Kyle, Michael McBride, Dave, Emily Graham, Zeke, Kim Parks, Ken Walsh, Julie Fairbanks, Vardell, Peter, and Carlin Kartchner, Mark Daughtridge

Trip Reports

Trip Reports:

Mark Daughtridge visited Mammoth Cave KY Feb 3rd. Cave named for the “buzz word” “Mammoth” of the time. Sunday he and his group visited Diamond Caverns and Hidden River/ Horse Cave and visited a Suspension bridge and museum.

Rachael Saker provided more info on her trip to Mammoth Cave along with more pics. She also visited Piercy Mill Cave and described it as a fun trip. The cave visited included a stretch that was kayakable.

Emily Graham, along with Peter, Taylor, and Ken undertook a survey trip to Big Sink Cave that lasted about 8 hours. There’s still plenty of survey left per the team. They encountered Monorail worms, some beetles and surveyed app 500 feet. Peter’s assessment of the trip sounded less intimidating than Ken’s.

Kim Parks Met up with above group (Emily’s from Big Sink) for a trip to Hancock Cave along with Walker Mountain Grotto for a bat count. 8 bats counted. Split into 2 groups. The conditions were very wet.

Michael – While on vacation in Canada, Michael and his Girlfriend Charity visited The Banff Cave and Basin. It was a sulfur spring based commercial cave system that was the first National Park in Canada.

Upcoming Trips and Activities

— 3/1-2 Cave Hollow Arbogast Survey Trip (likely upper section survey)
–3/8-9 Rachael going to WVACS, wet survey, has room to carpool
— 3/23-24 Beginners trip led by Michael M. to Hancock Cave
— 4/4  Grand Caverns Restoration
— 4/26-27 Spring VAR
— 6/17 Convention
— 6/22 OCR in Burnesville, VA (Scholarship to be discussed later)

Ken Walsh Provided a presentation on the NSS Convention Structure :

All NSS Convention attendees from previous years were asked to leave the room.

Cards were passed with specific topics from the structure of the Convention and each of the participants who had previously attended a convention acted out an aspect of that structure.

Peter – Campgrounds – Fairground style, large, groups or remote. Generally, less noisy than other group outings. 3 conventions that were destroyed by storms, red cross involvement. 

Carlin – Parties, Food, Drink. Carlin does all of the above. Loud comradery. Tritrogs = quiet, but hang out with the loud. Banquet. Weather might destroy. Possible NSS glass and free alcohol.

Emily – Field Trips – Sunday = Geology field trip locally. Food on this trip.

Peter – Contests – Vertical climbing, divisions (men/women/ age groups/different climbing systems). 30 meter, 120 feet

Carlin – Sessions and Classes – Photography, etc. Sessions = Big attractions. Regional, international, US. Other focuses.

Emily – Vendors/ Consignment – Things to buy: Cave Suits, harnesses, lots of everything. Gear, Boots, artwork, woodworking, harnesses, custom fittings, all available for purchase.

Mark – Price and Guidebook. Next two conventions within driving distance. Price = cheaper the earlier sign up.  App. $200, cheaper to be a NSS member. Guide book = high quality/ cool

Carlin – Slide Salon and other salon – Cave maps, Calin loves them. See other maps at salon, show off your own, critique each other. Participation does not mean judgement, just involvement. Catography salon = favorite. Slide salon = pictures. Print salon, Ken has been involved. Music Salon, Art in general.

Mark – Section Meeting. Mark’s never been to one. Break down by different sections: Cave Diving, Vertical, Geology, Biology, etc.Specific to each sections. More specific.

General questions/answers on convention: Yes there’s a t-shirt. Generally a good one. List of cave trips on website. Schedule not online yet, but should be there 2-3 months in advance. Cave trips may cost an addition fee. Camping is advised by Mark.

Votes by members to decide who was most convincing: Carlin with his description of slide salons!

Votes by previous goers: Michael with useful question.

App. Half the attendees are going/might go. was suggested for more info.