General Meeting Minutes – April 24, 2018


In attendance: Mark Daughtridge, Mike McBride, Martin, Mark DeWitt, Mike Broome, Matthew W., Zeke, Hunter, Kim, Dan, Diana, Ken, Peter, Kevin, Carlin, Dave, Devon


Emily posed the question: What is the oldest piece of caving gear that you own?

Among the group (and discounting Kevin’s claim to his son Carlin being the oldest cave tag-a-long), there were several pieces of gear that date back to latter half of the 20th century. These include Pete’s battery pack from the ‘70s, and Dan’s goldline braided climbing rope from the ‘50s.




  • Spring VAR: (Virginia Area Regional)
  • Location: Lutheran camp adjacent to Hungry Mother State Park
  • Look for the banner that Ken will bring up
  • Ken is leaving the Raleigh area around 11 or 12pm, Mike M will also arrive early
  • Registration starts at 2pm
  • Possible cave trips may include Perkins, Buchanan Saltpeter, Hancock, etc
  • Friday evening there is a speaker (talking about geology)
  • Breakfast is only on Sunday, not Saturday and Sunday as previously mentioned
  • Pay your DUES! $15 online or give money to an officer
  • Carlin has paid the web posting until next April
  • How old are the TriTrog loaner helmets? Petzl says there is a 10 year expiration date, and three of the four TriTrog loaner helmets are over 10 years (they existed already before Mike B joined in 2003). The fourth was donated by Mike B.
  • Mark still has a helmet from the Rass field station, and may try to return it at VAR.


Trip Reports


Ken: The annual Grand Caverns cleanup was a success. The majority of the day was spent hauling gravel, allowing the pool that people were slipping into to be filled in. On Sunday, there was a geology talk for those who were interested. The date for next year has been set for April 6th.


Emily and Kim attended the OCR training class at Chimney Rock State Park. This class provided hands-on training for what procedures to follow in order to rescue someone from a cave. The focus of the course was securing the patient into a litter and transporting through a cave. The powerpoints of Friday night and Saturday morning were followed by an obstacle course where you practiced carrying a person on a litter. Of the 20+ people who attended, more than half were cavers and the remainder were firefighters/EMS. Mock rescue in the cave was cancelled due to the weather, but they may offer a future mock make up date.


Upcoming Trips and Activities

  • April 27-29: Spring VAR
  • May 3-6: SERA Cave Carnival (Scottsboro, AL)
  • May 11-13: GirlScout Trip
  • May 25-28: Speleofest (KY)
  • June 8 – 10 KARST-O-RAMA (KY)
  • June 22-24 OCR (PA)
  • July 28 – Aug 4: NSS Convention (MT)
  • Aug 25-26: Annual triTrogs Grotto Trip
  • Aug 30 – Sept 3: OTR (WV)
  • Nov 10: Darwin Day: At Museum.

Ken might go somewhere for memorial day weekend.

Dave might do a survey trip at some point.



Much gear was traded and bartered at the Gear Swap, that was held before the business portion of the meeting for ease of setup.