General Meeting Minutes – April 28, 2015

In attendance were Rob, Emily, Carlin, Ken, and Pete.

Business? What business? We dove straight into trip reports.

Ken was among the 25 volunteers who hauled gravel, painted, cleaned, sweated, and flexed for the tourists at the Grand Caverns Easter Restoration Camp. The tour guides are very appreciative of all the hard work, and they help get the word out to the public. [Here’s the trip report.]

Rob went picnic caving. He went to Newberry-Banes. Again. He’s looking forward to going to Banes Springs for a change, some day. It might be horizontal-ish?

Ken, Rob, and Emily attended Spring VAR at Natural Bridge. They and a few other TriTrogs went to Brady’s Cave and Brady’s Hidden Cave, which were a short drive away and yet devoid of other cavers. One of the caves either did or didn’t have an interesting climb. The other cave smelled really bad, either like raccoon, or not. Ken attended the VAR meeting. [Here’s the trip report.]

Pete was on rope in West Virginia, and it was cold and rainy and then rainy and cold.

Upcoming trips
May 1-3 – Perkins Cave Survey (Carlin.)
May 7-10 – SERA Cave Carnival
May 15-17 – Young Timers’ Reunion (Rob, maybe.)
June 6-7 – Survey: Beaver Creek? Snow Cone? (Dave.)
July 13-17 – NSS Convention

We decided to save the exciting program for a time when more people could enjoy it.