General Meeting Minutes – August 22, 2017


The break-the-ice question had something to do with toilet paper and eclipses. Answers ranged from “2 ply” to “100 feet” to “5 hours.”

In attendance: (Other) Mark, Emily, Lauren, (Other) Mike, Ken, Peter, Diana, Eric, (Other) Steve, Kim, Tim, and (eventually) Andy


  • Ken reminded us to pay dues if we haven’t this year. Dues are $7.50.
  • Peter made an announcement about BugFest, an event happening at the museum on Sept. 16. Peter is looking for volunteers for his orthoptera table. No experience needed. Take two shifts and get a free BugFest shirt.
  • (Absent) Mark has purchased cases for the grotto’s loaner headlamps and should have them in time for the grotto trip.
  • Peter has some old incandescent headlamps that he’s ready to part with, in case the grotto wants such things. Ken recommends we bring it up with the other officers (and possibly with gearkeeper Mike).

Trip Reports

Oddly, among those present, there have been no trips to report since the last meeting!

Upcoming Trips and Activities

  • Aug. 25-27 – Annual grotto trip
  • Sept. 1-4 – Old Timers Reunion (WV)
  • Sept. 1-5 – CaveFest (TN)
  • Sept. 21-23 – Virginia Regional Meeting (Pendleton Co., WV)
  • Sept. 30? – possible photo trip (Ken)
  • Oct. 5-8 – TAG Fall Cave-in (Lookout Mtn, GA)
  • Oct. 14 – Nov. 5 – NCRC Cave Rescue Operations & Mgmt seminar (Blacksburg, VA)
  • ??? – Perkins Cave survey trip (Carlin, Ken)
  • Nov. ? – Hancock Cave bat count (Ken)
  • Also, Other Mark is willing to arrange cave trips to eastern Tennessee.

[Meeting interrupted by museum fire alarm and evacuation]


How to Pick Among Your Best Cave Shots

by Ken Walsh and Diana Gietl

Grotto Trip

After the program, we spent approximately 15 minutes discussing the meal plans, among other details, for the upcoming grotto trip.