General Meeting Minutes – August 25, 2020


In attendance (remotely): Michael M., Elise, Ken, Lee, Taylor, Mark, Janell, Rob, Mike B., Diana, Skylar, Elana, Emily, Lisa
Attendees were encouraged to show off their favorite bat items. These included (in no particular order) dresses, a bandana, masks, a towel, a headband, a coaster, a magnet, a bumper sticker, a stuffed animal

Old Business

  • The decision to donate $200 to Bat Conservation Intl was approved.
  • Mike will send out a check for our previously approved donation for Cyclops Cave.
  • If you need to know whether you’ve paid your 2020 dues, contact Mike B. Dues pay for caving-related stuff.

Program – Crayfish

a.k.a. Crawfish, a.k.a. Cave Lobster
Presented by Taylor

New Business

  • Programs: Contact Taylor if you have a particular topic you want to hear about, or if you’d like to present a program. Diana suggests incorporating online material from the NSS convention into a future program.
  • Elise is working on a new logo for the grotto and is open to ideas.
  • Knot of the Month: figure 8, follow-through and on a bight
  • Carabiner of the Month: standard D carabiner

Trip Reports

Janell, Bram, Tanner, Mike, and Lisa drove up to Butler Cave. J, B, and M went caving first, to the historic section. Then B, T, M, and L went back in for two more hours to the Moon Room etc. Everybody wore masks in the cave with varying degrees of success due to fogging glasses. While Mike stopped to look at the map, Janell pulled out a book to read. Presumably “How to Survive Underground on the Stuff in Mike’s Pack” (Spoiler alert: The first step is burning the map for heat).

Skylar had to shut herself in her closet for a recent recording for Science Friday, and that was the closest she’d gotten to caving in months.