General Meeting Minutes from July 26, 2022


In attendance: Zeke, Emily, Stephan, Peter, Ken, Lisa, Mike, Mark, Alex, Maria


  • Dues are now half-price! $7.50 for individuals, something else for families.
  • The annual grotto trip will be the weekend of August 13 at RASS Field Station. The sign-up sheet will be e-mailed this week.

Trip Reports

Peter and Stephan went to try to unclog the Spencer entrance to Buckeye Creek Cave. The effort was unsuccessful, but they made a trip into the other entrance which was nice if you’re willing to get your reproductive organs wet. From there they went to the dry end of the cave and saw some incredible formations of hexagonal shapes. They also went to the Norman side of Bone-Norman Cave where they also got to walk in a stream passage.

Upcoming Things

  • July 30 – Horizontal sport trip to Breathing Cave
  • Aug 13 – Annual Grotto Trip
  • Aug 20 – ACC short tours at Perkins Cave
  • Sept 1-5 – CaveFest (Tenn)


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