General Meeting Minutes: January 28th 2020

Intros and In attendance (How long since you’ve been caving)

Mike Broome – Dec 29th
Carlin – 2 Months
Zeke – April of 2019
Fred – 10-15 years
Dan La Pasha – Sept 2019
Axel – 2 weeks ago
Ken Walsh – 2 weeks ago
Mark Little – Sept 2019
Michael McBride – New Year’s Day
Nick Darland – 22 years ago in Mammoth
Dave – 1 year ago at Perkins
Julie Fairbanks– July 2019
Elise Sanderson – 2 weeks ago
Taylor Tibbs – Nov last year
Emily Graham – Hancock Oct 2019
Peter Hertl – Oct Last Year
Zerge – Years
Arianna – August last year


Old Business– Hancock trail proposal. 90% Complete. Michael needs to add
cost analysis and send to Cave Conservancy for approval.

New Business – Charitable Donation – SCCI donation to Cyclops Cave (Russel
County) (Need $150,000), Possible Grotto Donation of $200?
Passed by motion, second and majority vote.

Treasurers Report via Mike B. – No donation for 2019 (see above), No lost
funds or confusion in 2019.

Peter Hertl – Old News Letters that need scanned in. Michael M takes on the
responsibility of getting it done.

Trip reports:

Elise, Axel and Company – Friday/Saturday (1/17-18) Butler Cave – BCCS work day. Tourist route visited. Moved dirt from blown area/ dig (Moved couple hundred gallons of dirt/rock).

                                           — Sunday (1/19) Low Moor

Michael M – Mammoth and Floyd Collins / Sand Cave

Mike B – Flew to Huntsvile/ TAG – Tumbling Rock (SCCI), 4 Groups in Cave, 11 people in their group,  11 AM entry , 2 PM some started back. Fewer and fewer through the day. Visited Topless Dome through Kings Shower. Pillar of Fire visited.

Annual Voting of Officers:

                                  Current                           Proposed                            Elected
Chair                     Rachel Saker                    Michael M                       Michael M
Vice Chair             Ken Walsh                  Elise Sanderson, Taylor   Taylor Tibbs
Secretary         Michael McBride             Emily, Elise, Taylor      Emily Graham
Treasurer            Mike Broome                 Mike Broome, Taylor               Mike B
Webmaster      Carlin Kutchner             Elise, Carlin, Taylor  Elise Sanderson

Upcoming Trips

2/8-9 Frick’s Cave Open house (Poss Ulla Trip if not sumped)

2/14-16 – Sport Trip to Crossroads Cave VA
               — BCCS Project Weekend

3/6-8 – Florida Cave Crawl

3/13-15, 3/20-22, 3/27-29 NCRC Training Weekends

4/10-12 – Proposed Hancock Trail Work Day (Poss Big Sink Survey Day??)

4/18 – Grand Caverns Work Day

5/1-3 – Spring MAR/VAR @ Grand Caverns

6/14-20 — Mammoth Cave – WKU Karst Studies class on Surveying Caves

7/27-31 – NSS Convention, Elkins WV