General Meeting Minutes: July 23rd 2019

–Intros and in Attendance

Mike Broome

Ken Walsh


Michael McBride       


Emily  Graham

Rachel Saker




Mark Daughtridge

Lisa Lorenzin

–Geology 101/ Terminology

  Presentation by Ken Walsh

Basic Caving Terms

  1. Fault – Plane where rocks have broken apart and slid against each other. Often what starts the formation of a cave. Multiple types.
  2. Syncline – Forms “V”, water crosses over
  3. Anticline- Forms upside down “V”, water crosses under
  4. Dip- Steepest angle on declination
  5. Strike- Direction at which dip exists

–Trip Reports

Ken went to Blue Springs during convention. New entrance created by landowner with automated gate.

Camps Gulf with Emily. Group of about 6. One person forgot their shoes. Many had no knee pads. Lots of breakdowns, large rooms (x4). Difficult to navigate. Connected to another group and went along with them

Camps Gulf with Mark. Went through all 4 large rooms into borehole. Visited 2 large, swimmable pools.

Overall Cave with Mark as well. Large passage, lots of decorations and pools.

Mark also did a beginner group into Paxton. Got lost in the maze, but still had fun.

Peter won a raffle at the NSS – 3 days/2 nights led cave trips.

Next month presentation on cave digging with Mike and Lisa. Likely to have interactive component.