General Meeting Minutes – June 27, 2017


The break-the-ice question this week: Red or green?

  • Team Green: Matthew L., Robert, Eric, Andy, Kim, Carlin
  • Team Red: Emily, Jim
  • Both: Mark, Dana, Mike
  • Colorblind: Mike B.


  • Grotto Trip: There will be hot running water for showers! An online poll will be sent out soon. [Update: The poll has now been sent out.]
  • Dues have been reduced to $7.50 for individuals who want to join this year.
  • Carlin has updated the website somehow and has added it to be indexed by Bing and Google.

Trip Reports

  • Eric and his five-year-old joined Ken, Tanya, and Emily for a trip to Stone’s Cave No. 1 so that Ken could check out the last leads before making the map. While Ken went ahead, the rest of the group (joined by a local friendly dog) went as far as the hot air balloon formation. On the way out, Eric’s daughter slipped and took an unintended puddle bath. After acquiring some dry gear, the group went to Speedwell Cave, an easily accessible cave with a few rooms and some crawls that a five-year-old doesn’t blink an eye at. Eric kept a wary eye on the dodgy-looking cows in leather jackets across the road. Read Ken’s trip report.
  • For her first proper cave trip, Dana joined a group that Mark led through New River Cave. They did lots of crawling and got to see some pretty formations. They made it back to the waterfall and still got out in time to drive home at a reasonable hour.
  • Mike and Lisa had a project weekend at Butler Cave. There’s a very newly discovered cave on some neighboring property. The owner told the trackhoe where to dig and voila they hit pay dirt (air): Maiden Hair Cave. Lisa dug away in the tip of the 80-foot cave while Mike hauled spoils out of the entrance culvert.
  • Carlin went to Perkins Cave and surveyed. Read his trip report.
  • Jim went to Worley’s Cave in Tennessee with a scout group. They had a commercial guide and the kids enjoyed it. They saw at least ten cars parked outside the popular cave.

Upcoming Trips and Events

  • July 23-29: International Congress of Speleology (Australia)
  • Aug 25-27: Annual Grotto Fun Trip (VA)
  • Sept 1-4: Old Timers Reunion (WV)


Grotto members Rob, Mark, and Carlin showed caving-related and other photos from various far-off lands.