General Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2017


In attendance: Ken, Emily, Peter, Zeke, Eric, Mike, Mark (via Skype), Andy, and Kim

Business and News

  • We’ll travel to Bath County, Virginia, for the annual grotto trip and stay at the RASS field house. It has flush toilets, showers, picnic tables, and no alcohol restrictions. Saturday we’ll cave somewhere, and then Sunday we’ll cave somewhere else. Porters and Blowing Cave are two possibilities.
  • The nice owner of Mystic Cave in Pendleton County, WV, died and the family might like to rent the home to cavers as a field house.
  • Monongahela National Forest is considering reopening caves to scientific pursuits.
  • The Triangle Troglodytes are in the current issue of Walter magazine.
  • The museum has asked for feedback to help justify events like Darwin Day and BugFest.
  • Interested in cave surveying? Lowmoor Cave has an ongoing survey.

Trip Reports

  • Scouts after caving

    Girl Scout trip to New River Cave

    Emily, Ken, Lisa, and Diana took six Girl Scouts and two Scout parents to New River Cave. The group originally planned to visit Rehoboth Church Cave, but the weather had other ideas. The Scouts had a great time despite the onslaught of trains, rain, and frigid temperatures the previous night. A few are eager to go on another trip. The parents, though they have a new appreciation for cave exploration, less so.

  • Mark and six others went to Paxton’s. They were having so much fun avoiding some water and a few difficult climbs that the trip lasted a couple hours longer than anticipated. They came across some salamanders and a turtle who got washed in. One of the landowner’s dogs peed on Rob’s pack.


Cave Art – presented by Emily Graham

Cave Art