General Meeting Minutes: May 28th 2019

In attendance: (What was the first cave you visited?)

Dan laPasha =Trout Cave WV, 60
Emily Graham = Cave when she was a fetus, 1976

Hunter Williams Glenwood Caverns
Michael Mcbride Pettyjohns

Diane Gietl  = California 1985

Julie Fairbanks  = Pennsylvania

Elise Sanderson = Karchner Caverns

Peter Hertle = Penn, Limekill?

Michael Broome = Lurray Caverns, VA  (late 70s), Wild, see below
Lisa Lorenzin = Glenwood Caverns 2004, Colorado
Carlin K = Onyx Cave, 1990s
Vardell Smyth = Bone Norman, WV 1980s
Vardell’s wife, Joan = Lava Tube, Mt Humphries 1980s
Kim Parks = Paxtons Cave
Eric Williams = Missouri, Hannendaggen Caverns
Ken Walsh = Lower Nestles (WV 1983)

Mark Daughtridge = Linville Caverns/New River Cave

Bryan Aneska Fall1997

Dave Brenson = Carlsbad as a kid

Rachel Saker = Natural Bridge/TX, Government Canyon TX

Trip Reports

Michaels Beginner Trip

Diane = Hancock Girlscout Trip – Emily, Lisa, Mike, Vardell, Kim, 7 girlscout, and 1 boy from Pakistan. 3 groups, most of the cave. Diane did go through the Comic Book Hole. One girl got boot stuck for 20 minutes. Emily subsequently stuck. Vardell saved the day with the assistance of 2 girlscouts.

Lisa – Memorial Day Weekend with Mike at Butler Cave. Explored small lead that water flows through. Water not flowing now, Lisa squeezed through, but it was sumped.  Will return when even less water.

Kim – Short cave, couple hundred feet (Ken, Emily, Kim). Little Hancock. 7 or 8 salamanders. Explored Peacock entrance, a subsidence, a little digging.

Carlin – Texas Work trip to Unnamed Cave with ridgewalking and visits to springs. Longhorn Caverns State Park

Eric – New River Cave during VAR, 2 groups, 7 in one, 9 or so in the other. Shared lights due to lack of lights. Lost while heading to big waterfall. Turned back.

Carlin – VAR, kids and wife at Tawny’s Cave.

Mike – VAR, went to Bat Ranch with Carlin’s family. Visited Smoke Hole (wet cave), hard to find entrance. Hour of searching but eventually found. Waist deep water that was flowing.

Explored until out time. Cave/Slimy Salamander. Also found a pair of jeans.

Hunter – Andy, Gilbert and others (10, but ended up with 14) went to Tawny’s during VAR. Ill member waited just in entrance. Wet but not horrid. Went to sink.

Elyse – Perkins during VAR. Stayed in area with strings. Marine who was with them had a panic attic. Assisted others who were stressed.

Mark – 50 caves, man made. In india. Buddhist/hindu monks. One had Reclining Buddha. Tons of bats. Elllora, Ajnta caves.

Rachel, Bryan Sadusky hollow, Newberry Banes. Small entrance. Vertical cave with Pits. Wet. Moved some rocks for ease of travel. Bryan unable to go through one pinch.

Carlin – Last Weekend at Perkins: Camping trip, not enough people. Multiday trip instead. Long trip Sat, Short, Sunday. 4 people (including Andy Chang). Slow going in back section of cave. Resurvey, no new cave. Room 222 (named after old TV show from the 70s). Walking passage with fossils, washed clean from occasional water. Stream portion. Found new area, as well as area for camping.

Mike B – Trip to Butler work weekend. Took caver on first cave trip. There with father. British cavers. 22 months and 1 day old. Cool pictures with light under shirt (C is for cave).

Michael – Devil’s Den/ Blue Grotto – Dive trip with friends

Emily – Joined Sunday cave trip in Perkin’s (5 total). Objective for survey to locate and see if ken fit. Ken did not fit. Looking for signatures/graffiti nearer to entrance. Cleaned.

Upcoming Trips and activities

See pic on phone

Meeting Program:

Presentation by Rachel reset for next month due to number of trip reports.

Other Discussion and Previous Business:

Spray paint and sacrifice caves (Michael, Mike, Ken, Bryan, Rachel)

6 people came to a vertical practice at Mike/Lisa’s house. Possible repeat.

Next month = Kim will speak on vaccination for White Nose