General Meeting Minutes: November 26th 2019

Intros and In Attendance

Ken Walsh – Wandering in Caves
Dianne Geitl – Fun , Cold VARs
Mike Broome – Exploring Copenhavers Cave, Anchoring off of Ken
Lisa Lorinzen – Tritrog Christmas Carols
Peter – Presenting presentations
Axel – Grotto Trip and Darwin Day
Michael McBride – Drunken tour of Smyth County with Emily
Julie Fairbanks – Cold water in Anderson Springs Cave
Zeke – Flamingo Race
Kim Parks – Police situation after accidental trespassing
Carlin – Social Tuesdays -> Disc Golf
Elise – Tours of Hancock
Emily Graham – Caving…just caving


— Thanks to those who participated on Darwin Day (Axel, Elise, Ken, Emily, Taylor, Peter)

— Overview of Hancock Cave Trail Progress by Michael McBride

— Charitable Donation Ideas = WNS Research, Museum

–Webmaster Update from Carlin = Slight Adjustments

— No meeting for December

— Holiday Party 12/8/19 5 PM

— January Meeting = Elections

Trip Reports

— Carlin – Trip Report on Tritrog Site for Stone’s #2.

— Michael, Carlin, Ken — Big Sink Survey. Lots of scat due to winter conditions. Found the sump and finished surveying that section of map.

— Michael – Trout, New Trout, Hamilton with Charity

— BCCS Project weekend with Lisa and Mike – Surface work due to specific constraints.

Upcoming trips:

12/8/19 – Holiday Party

1/18/20 – BCCS Work Day

1/18/20 – MLK Weekend

July 27-31/20 NSS Convention

Special Presentation:

Kim Park’s Presenting Tritrog of the year award due to inability to attend Christmas Party. Michael McBride chosen.

Ken Walsh, Emily Graham, Mike Broome, Mark Daughtridge, Michael McBride are the current lineage of chosen Grotto Members.

Ken Walsh Presentation on:

What have the Tritrogs done over the past 30 years; where are we going?

Conservation Trips


Conventions and OTR Contests

Annual Grotto Trip

Survey Trips (30-40 in Smyth County)

Cave Acquisitions (Hancock)

Photography Trips

Scout Trips

Local Events

Anniversary/Holiday Party

Vertical Practices

Halloween party

Social Tuesdays

Game Nights

Ranking Debutantes




Yard Sales


Gear Swaps

Donations to:

WNS Research


Cave Conservation


Land Owner Legal Protection Fund

Outreach and Publication

Darwin Day/ Bugfest

Elementary Schools

Scout troops

Climbing Gyms

News and Observer


Online Trip Reports

Online Calendar



Suggestions for the upcoming year:

Social Tuesday/Game Nights -à Formation of Social Chair

Vertical Practices

Gear Swap

Annual Grotto Trip (Possible Bi-annually) , Pot Luckà With alternate activities

More outreach (Schools, Libraries, etc)

Beginner Trips – beginner talks during meetings

Caving Topic talks in Caves

Logo’d items (Stickers, Jerseys…..)

New Logo, Logo Contest, Grotto Trip T-shirts

In cave contests, scavenger hunt, solo survey game, rally

Gear Lists

Webpage Resources

Food at meetings

Members List (email/phone/contact)

Incentives to Write Trip Reports, Beginner Trips, Etc

Playbook for organization of Grotto Trip – Lisa L volunteers to do a grotto meeting on subject