General Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2018


Eric (and his taco hat) lead the by initiating a debate over what factors affect the cooking time of pasta. He finally reveals the question of the day- What is more heinous: glitter or cat hair?

Glitter haters include: Eric, Rachel, Zeke, Kim, Mike Broome

Those that despise cat hair: Hunter, Emily, Pete, Sarah Dotson, Diana, Mark Daughtridge

Ken was also in attendance but chose to answer a different question (What are you?) by explaining his Scottish (not Irish) garb.



  • Thanks goes to all BugFest volunteers!
  • If there are any outstanding balances from the grotto trip, please make sure you are reimbursed.
  • Pay your dues
  • A general reminder: make sure someone not going in the cave knows where you will be and what time you are expected out.
  • Volunteers are needed for Darwin Day. Pete will have an earthworm table, and TriTrogs will run a bat table.
  • This year the holiday party will be hosted by Kim on December 8th. Bring good cheer, and food.


Trip Reports

  • 23 Big Brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) were recorded at Harris Lake County Park during a bat count. All were in good health.
  • Mike, though he missed the chance to share a trip report, did go caving. Somewhere underground.


Upcoming Trips and Activities

  • Oct 26: VPI trip with Rachel
  • Nov 3 – 4: Scott Hollow Photo Trip WV
  • Nov 10: Darwin Day
  • Dec 8: Holiday Party



Flamingos were raced, costumes were judged, speleobingo was played, and much fun was had at the Halloween Party.