General Meeting Minutes – October 24, 2017


Mark led us off with a discussion about the benefits of being an NSS member. In attendance were: Mark (61461), Martin (63470), Zeke (n/a), Kim (new!), Diana (29990), Mike B. (54738), Natalie (n/a), Lisa (54739), Russell (n/a), Mike M. (65541), Ken (27597), Emily (26175), Eric (68186), and Carlin (60593).


  • Dues. Pay them if you haven’t.
  • Holiday party. Dec. 9 at 6:30 pm at Mark’s house. Kim has emailed out a link for food/beverage sign-up. If you have an aversion to sign-up sheets, just bring a dessert! There will be awards and (family-friendly) entertainment of some sort.
  • Ken brought along a sign that can be re-purposed by the grotto for placement outside the museum on meeting nights. It’s not blinking neon or anything, but it is big and collapsible. Natalie volunteered to try to paint something appropriate on it.

Trip Reports

  • Carlin and Diana went to Watoga State Park and met up with some Quebeckers who were well-equipped with food. On Saturday they went to Friar’s Hole via the FH entrance. A camera was lost and, after some extra crawling, found again. On Sunday they went to Norman Cave. The area was extremely dry.
  • Mike and Lisa went to the BCCS annual meeting. While there they delved into the historic section of Butler Cave, did the sketchy God Is My Copilot climb, and made it to the foot of the old historic entrance. That area of the cave is not accessible from mid-October to April because of bats.
  • Michael M. went to TAG Fall Cave In. He took some younger cavers to a few suitable caves (Bible Springs, Mountain Cove Farm #1) on Thursday, thought twice about Neversink and chose a different pit. Friday he visited War Eagle Cave with a different group. Saturday he got past the Sometime Sump in Ulla Cave despite some light rain. Ulla has a lot going for it, including some of the most decorated passage he’s ever seen and rooms big enough for a helicopter to fly through them. He left TAG before the bonfire and, more importantly, the incoming tropical storm.
  • Ken wanted to try out his new camera equipment, so he and Diana, Emily, Ava M., and Pete went to Smokehole Cave. It was a fun trip with a lot of photography, and his new lens did really well. Read his trip report and see photos here.

Upcoming Trips and Activities

  • Nov. 4 – Perkins Cave survey
  • Nov. 11 – Hancock Cave bat count
  • Nov. 18 – SnoCone survey trip
  • Dec. 9 – Holiday party
  • Feb ? – Frick’s Cave in TAG region
  • Apr. 21 – Grand Caverns restoration
  • Apr. 27-29 – Spring VAR at Hungry Mother State Park


Ken talked about several caves in the Virginias that are owned and managed by groups of cavers.