General Meeting Minutes – September 22, 2015

Attendees: Emily, Martin, Carlin, Matthew, Mike, Mark D., Sarah, Steve

Past Business

  • The new website is up and running at  The next step is to transition the email list.
  • Survey instrument.  Carlin’s goal is to have a working prototype for the Smyth County survey trip in November.

New Business

  • After a brief discussion among potential party-throwers, Mike announced that he can host the grotto holiday party this year.  It will be held in early December.

Trip Reports

Since we skipped trip reports at August’s meeting, these cover nearly two months.  Briefly:

  • Emily went on her first survey trip (Beaver Creek and Rail Valley) and, recalling very few details, may be willing to do it again some day.
  • The grotto trip to Union Cave turned out to be less of a fun beginner trip and more of a 16-person tank haul beginner trip.  Still, some of us would like to go back with a smaller group.  Carlin says it really does open up to nice walking passage.
  • Those who stuck around for the trip to Rehoboth Church Cave were not disappointed.  Mark claims to have video and/or audio of the mud slide amusement.  Salamanders, crayfish, enormous frogs, chert nodules.
  • During OTR Mark and Robert rode an old train.  Then they located and explored a cave called My Cave.
  • Mike and Lisa worked on a BCCS dig at Waterfall Cave, about 70 feet in.  Mike spent two days moving full buckets.  No breakthrough.  Yet.
  • SnoCone survey.  Mike, Lisa, and Dave got through super muddy passage to an area that definitely continues and has air flow.  So they turned around and left.  They saw both slimy and cave salamanders.  Carlin and Mark did a bolt climb.  It was 6:30 pm before they set their first station of the 15-hour trip.
  • Carlin and Dave went to Beaver Creek Cave the next day.  Another 100 to 200 feet and it should be done.

Upcoming Trips

  • Oct 8-11 – TAG Fall Cave-in
  • Oct 24 – Scott Hollow Cave
  • Nov 14 – Hancock Cave bat count
  • Nov 20-22 – Smyth County survey trip


Matthew showed off the light that he designed and built for cave photography.