Hancock Survey on June 10, 2006

This is the first survey trip for Melanie (Booker), Mike(Backward) and Yu (Forward), class of 2006. Dave is the sketcher. Ken is the “mentor” or the “explorer”. The team spent about 9 hours underground! The team realized this until they are out of the cave! Teamwork such as in the first picture is practiced to reach a high lead before the TJ’s trap. One on the cave artist is attached too. More photos in this trip is available in the TriTrog Gallery.

Here is a historical email from Ken:

You surveyed 200.5 feet, not enough for a free meal. The total cave length is now 2.07 miles.

The 12-shot Vertical Maze loop that you closed was 159.6 feet long, and the loop was off by 0.66 feet, rated Good by the software I use.

The loop into TJ’s Trap was just nine shots and 124.65 feet, and your error was 1.52 feet, still rated Good. Things do change in the software as interlocking loops get changed, so these stats may change.

I do need to mention that this was after I corrected a few cases where someone apparently read the small compass numbers instead of the big ones.

Thanks for the help yesterday. You knocked six question marks off of my draft map.