Higginbotham’s #4 Cave

Planning and unplanning.  I really wasn’t expecting many of the Greenbrier County caves to be underwater when we started planning for our February cave photography trip.  Fortunately we were still able to pick a “dry” cave for our trip.

After getting directions from the landowner, finding it was the next challenge.  With four cave entrances on the property, I was sure I could see the pond entrance but didn’t remember the fence in between.  Ericka and I had looked off toward other entrances and totally missed the green gate we were supposed to drive through.

Eventually we got to the cave and crawled into Higginbotham’s #4.  Martin Groenewegen, Jacob Jackson, and Ericka Hoffmann all happily posed, carried gear, and spotted flashes for me as Ericka, Martin, and I took photos.  Because we kept seeing and photographing cool formations and passages, we never quite made it all the way to waterfall climb.

I didn’t get to try the backlit photography I had hoped to get in a moister Greenbrier County cave, but we still had a great time.  You can see some of the photos at https://tritrogs.org/gallery2/v/Higginbothams4/.