Membership Info

On this page you can find information about how to join our grotto and pay dues. To learn where and when we meet currently, please view our meeting page. We have an email-based mailing list, active facebook group, and trips you can find with the ways mentioned above. Please email us if you have any problems, questions, or concerns!

While we do not have a “I want to be a member” link, your intentions are made clear by joining our mailing list below, and paying your dues.

Sign up for our mailing list here

Memberships and Payments:

Individual Full Year Membership$15.00
Individual Half Year Membership$7.50

Family Full Year Membership$22.00
Family Half Year Membership$11.00

Gear Rental (1) for Each Item Rented$3.00

Grotto Donation$1.00
Grotto Donation$5.00
Grotto Donation$10.00
Note: After July 1 of each year, memberships are half price, and the “Half Year” option may be used to pay dues in full. If the “Full Year” option is used, we will notify you of the positive balance for dues paid.

Please use quantity options in the cart for larger donations, if desired. Grotto donations will be noted in the receipts to both payee and treasurer for records. We all really appreciate it!

Dues and Donations are used to support:

  • This website
  • Food and supplies to support large grotto outings
  • Regular donations to support caves and caving
  • Loaner gear
  • Other expenses as agreed upon by grotto officers

Annual financial reports are provided to the membership after the close of each calendar year.

Please feel free to contact for report inquiries.