Slick Photoshoot

Rehoboth Church is known for being the oldest existing church building in West Virginia. It surely holds many secrets but one of the coolest ones is definitely the entrance to a beautiful cave nearby. On the 30th of September Ken Walsh, Emily Graham, Taylor Tibbs, Mark Daughtridge, and I headed there for a cave photoshoot.

We got some great photos featuring Mark and Taylor in the Zoo Room and Emily on the way to the Kondasum Room. In Kondasum we saw the beautiful spiral column formation. Then through the Long Room we got to the muddy “sliding board” room. It holds a muddy slope steep enough that with a bit of water poured over it, it turns into a slide which we very much enjoyed multiple times while getting progressively more muddy and wet, to the point where we needed a webbing just to climb a couple of feet on a much less steep slope on the other side of the slide.

On Sunday we went to Links Cave for a quick trip. We saw disk-like formations with stalactites flowing down from them which could be shields although they were not as smooth as one might expect which indicates that they could be flowstones which formed over piles of dirt before that dirt got washed away. Ken also pointed out to me a very beautiful white formation flowing down along the wall in the shape of the tangent function.

The cave ends with a tight curved tunnel after which there is one more small room which Mark and I managed to squeeze into. The room does not have any interesting formations but there is a squeeze leading from it which unfortunately was not large enough for any of us to even hope to fit in. Overall, it was a fun exercise in squeezes and crawls.