TriTrogs General Meeting Minutes 5/25/2021

Carlin K.Aragonite
Diana G.Basalt
Elise S.Bismuth
Emily G.Calcium
Hayden H.Calcium carbonate
Howard H.Carbon
Joanna Y.Feldspar
Ken W.Gneiss
Lisa L.Gold
Mark D.Iron pyrite
Mary W.Marble
Mike B.Obsidian
Nick S.Opal
Rob H.Quartz
Shannon Z.Sandstone
Steve T.Sandstone
Taylor T.Shale
Zeke V. F.Sodium chloride
Guessing game

Let’s see how well the grotto members paid attention on Tuesday night when Chair Zeke Van Fossen began the meeting asking the attendees to name their favorite rock, mineral, or element. How many matches can you get right?

Zeke encouraged everyone to join the grotto and the NSS. Taylor shared the survey results to determine how comfortable grotto members are about meeting in person again, citing an overwhelming number looking forward to outdoor meetings and a majority to indoor meetings. The Museum has not yet determined when groups will meet there again yet.

The June meeting will be held at Mike and Lisa’s house north of Durham, and members are encouraged to carpool and bring their own chairs. There will be physical challenges as a program and possibly Zoom access.

Elise walked the members through her changes to the grotto web site that are designed for improving navigation and increasing content.

Skylar mentioned her brief trip to Links Cave while her dog waited impatiently in the car.

Emily blamed the gas shortage for the delay in her trip to Crossroads Cave.

Wake County Parks and Rec sponsored an introduction to local bats on May 27.

Ken asked those interested in surveying Perkins Cave to sign the Doodle Poll.

Nick Socky hit the ball out of the park with his slide show entitled “Discoveries and Progress of the Great Savannah Cave System, 2020-2021.” Fantastic slides to accompany the extraordinary exploration they’ve been doing in West Virginia.

Zoom Breakout rooms didn’t work so well this time (with Emily in one room and everyone else in the other). That doesn’t mean we won’t try it again in the future.