TriTrogs Officers’ Meeting (August 5, 2020)

In attendance (remotely):
Taylor, Michael M., Mike B., Elise, Emily


  • Donations
    • Emily has started researching bat-related organizations for the grotto to donate to this year. Bat Conservation International may be the winner.
    • Mike B. has not yet sent the donation to SCCi for Cyclops Cave.
  • Programs
    • Taylor should be able to give her presentation on crayfish in August
    • Ken is willing to do a program on cartography software
    • Mike and Lisa will try a vertical demonstration program
  • Taylor has figured out how to share her screen and how to ditch zoom meetings. She practiced both with us.
  • Elise can give a presentation about the NSS diversity committee.
  • Thing-of-the-Month
    • Michael M. will kick off each meeting by featuring a different carabiner.
    • Elise will follow up with a different knot each month.
  • Logo
    • Elise wants to crowd source options for the TriTrogs logo she’s creating.
    • Michael M. wants to hide a t-rex in it, which sounds ridiculous, but then he showed us the logo for Catawba Brewing Company.
When inverted, the mountains in the logo form the states of North and South Carolina.