TriTrogs Officers Meeting from May 23, 2023

Stephan Francke, Ken Walsh, Mike Broome, and Emily Graham were in attendance.

The meeting began with brief noncommittal conversation about how to get the banner and canopy to Convention.

Annual Grotto Trip

Based on the Blue Meadow Campground availability and the officers’ schedules, we agreed on the last weekend of August. Stephan made the campground reservation.

Upcoming Programs

It’s May, so we need five more programs for the year. Ideas include Peter’s Mexico trip, hydrology of a specific cave, things to do underground with webbing, worst-case scenarios, cave pack solutions, and how to find your way back to the car after exiting the cave.

Online Platforms/Communications

We seem to be leaning towards trying a newer platform. Deciding which one will be the fun part. During the monthly meeting, we’ll take suggestions. Any official announcements concerning grotto business will continue to go through email.

Membership Contact List

Wouldn’t it be great if we automatically had the contact information of the people we’re going caving with each weekend? So, how do we make that happen? How do we get consent from members?


Mike paid the bill for the website.