TriTrogs Officers’ Meeting (September 26, 2017)

In attendance: Mark, Ken, Carlin, Martin, Emily

  • We agreed unanimously to make a $100 donation to RASS.
  • RASS requested a trip report that could help them promote use of their property. Ken suggested that Peter might be willing to share one, and Mark agreed to ask him.
  • Officer feedback on the annual grotto trip:
    • Someone on the trip should be prepared to collect and keep track of money from attendees.
    • The campground and facilities were great and were close to the caves.
    • According to Ken and Mark, Porters Cave was worth going back to at some time.
    • The organizers should choose caves that someone there has been to before.
  • Martin has a list of the grotto members who have paid dues this year. He’ll send it out to the other officers.
  • Grotto gear:
    • Martin has reimbursed Mark $40 for the four headlamp cases purchased for the loaner headlamps.
    • We decided that Mark should purchase two 4-packs of the Petzl headlamp clips for helmet-mounting at $5 a pack, for use on the grotto loaner helmets that don’t have built-in clips.
    • Mark suggested and we agreed that the grotto should buy a new Princeton Tec Vizz from him for $36 to replace the broken loaner headlamp.
  • Officers finally chose the wording for the engraving on the NSS headquarters brick that the grotto agreed to buy for $100 last year. Mark will submit the form and payment.
  • The grotto holiday party will be held December 9 starting at 6:30 pm at Mark’s house in Durham. Potluck. Send party theme or award ideas to Mark.