TriTrogs Officers’ Meeting

Part I (June 29, 2020)

In (virtual) attendance: Michael M., Taylor, Mike B., Emily

  • Meetings
    • We plan to meet virtually for at least the next few months.
    • We agreed that Zoom is the most accessible platform. Taylor has an account that won’t limit us to 40 minutes.
    • Themes and costumes and general silliness
    • Virtual trip reports can use uploaded photos and maps
    • Could be nice to share meetings with other grottoes
    • Next grotto meeting program: Discussion of caving (or not) during a pandemic
  • Annual Grotto Trip
    • cancelled/postponed indefinitely
    • Michael M. to send email notice [Done]
  • Inclusiveness Message – see Part II
  • NSS Convention is virtual (and free) July 27-31

Part II (July 8, 2020)

In (virtual) attendance: Michael M., Taylor, Mike B., Elise, Emily, Mark D.

  • Inclusiveness discussion
    • Affordability. Cost of gear, driving may be a prohibitive factor. May restructure FAQ page to emphasize loaner gear availability. May also waive wear-and-tear fee in some circumstances.
    • Brief positive inclusiveness statement on website, Facebook page. Elise will draft and share with officers.
    • Discussion of recruiting and meeting attendance
    • Emily will share our existing bylaws with other officers [Done]
  • Boy Scouts – Michael wrote a response to the Boy Scouts’ request for cave guide contact names.
  • Agree to grotto donation to bat research, with regards to COVID. Emily will make list of possible causes.
  • Decon
    • Need to combine WNS decon with COVID-19 decon procedures?
    • Michael will obtain resealable bags and “sterilized” labels for our loaner gear.
    • Possibility of doing decon procedures at monthly meetings?
  • Supplemental outdoor (in-person) meetings. Before it starts getting dark early.
  • Next officers’ meeting: August 5 at 7:30.